Why we’ve decided to stop celebrating Christmas on Facebook

We can all agree that Christmas is the time for a big family reunion.

For many families, that means having their Christmas dinner, having their family photo taken, or even the opportunity to celebrate in person with loved ones.

But when it comes to celebrating Christmas with friends and family on Facebook, many of us feel a bit underwhelmed.

The number of people who feel this way on Facebook has gone up by about 40 per cent in the last year, and it’s now a year-round event on Facebook.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Zuckerberg’s team are aware of this and are taking steps to improve the experience for everyone.

Facebook says it is working to improve how it displays content in different countries, including its own and countries around the world.

We want to make sure our communities are welcoming and inclusive, but we also know we have more work to do.

For the first time, Facebook is letting you post photos from your own country and place them next to posts that show people from your country.

This feature will be available in English in all countries across the world starting Jan. 1, 2018, and in Chinese on Jan. 2, 2019.

Mark Zuckerberg says this new feature will make it easier for people from different parts of the world to see the same content from one another.

We also want to ensure that people who are trying to celebrate the holiday in their own countries get the chance to do so, too.

Facebook also has plans to make its platform more open and to make it easy for people to share content with their friends.

Mark says that, with more people sharing and liking posts on Facebook than ever before, the amount of posts is growing exponentially.

Mark has also announced plans to work with other Facebook communities to make Facebook even easier to join.

As Mark says, the new features will make Facebook more accessible to people who may not have visited Facebook in the past.

We will also be making sure that our communities have the best experience for people who visit them and for those who are not yet familiar with how to join our communities.

Mark also says that we will be looking to make the features easier to use by making it easier to add content to your posts and to filter out content that doesn’t reflect your experience.

We hope these changes will make sharing with friends, family, and other Facebookers easier and more enjoyable for everyone across the globe.

What is Facebook’s plan for expanding the features?

The Facebook team says the new feature is aimed at making it easy to share things from friends, and we will also work with community partners to make them even easier.

Facebook is also adding new features to help you find friends and other people who live nearby, like Places and Community.

Places will show you friends’ most recent posts, and Community will let you know who is nearby when you’re on Facebook and when you post.

Mark and Mark say these new features are designed to make sharing on Facebook even more fun for everyone, so they’re not going to make things any easier.

Mark will also add some new ways to let you easily filter posts that are not showing up on your friends list.

And Mark says he’s committed to making it even easier for you to share your story with friends on Facebook by adding new ways for you and your friends to collaborate on stories and pictures.

Mark recently revealed that he will be launching a new initiative this summer called Stories and Stories.

This new initiative will help us better communicate what is happening in our communities and across the entire globe.

Stories will also include a “Share This” button that will let people from all over the world know about things they are interested in sharing with people they know in their community.

In the future, Mark says it’s possible that Stories will be integrated into Facebook’s social network for those countries where Facebook is not yet available.

Mark is also introducing a new feature called the Global Messenger Service.

This service will let users from all 50 countries and territories share their stories and stories about them, and Mark will add new features and features to the Global Messaging Service that will help people who want to share their story on Facebook in their native language get started.

What are some other ways Facebook is working on expanding its community?

Mark is planning to expand the features to include more ways for people in your country to be able to share with friends.

Facebook plans to also expand its new global messaging service, called the Storytelling service, that will allow people from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to connect and share their experiences with their community and world.

Mark said the new services will also provide a more seamless experience for communities that are members of a Facebook group or group on a larger platform, such as Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

Mark plans to expand all of the new community features over time.

Mark already has been working on the global messaging and storytelling service.

He’s also been working with the community partners around the globe to make their communities more welcoming to people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Facebook has been


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