What are the best greens to cook in a crockpot?

What are the best greens to cook in a crockpot?

The green of the season is the spinach.

This is the most popular of all the vegetable varieties in the UK.

It’s rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and can be eaten as a salad, soup or even as a side dish.

But the most interesting part about spinach is the flavour.

Think of spinach as a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower, with a distinctive, peppery flavour.

This makes it a good choice for crockpots.

Here’s a list of the best green to cook.


Sweet potato and parsnip salad This is a classic way to prepare a salad in the crock pot.

The sweet potato has a creamy texture and is rich in nutrients.

The parsnips are cooked to a crisp before being stuffed into a bowl and served as a dip.

The dish is also very popular with vegans, who add a dash of garlic and a splash of lemon juice to help make the dressing taste better.

Try it with a simple egg salad or a vegan version of this recipe.


Vegan crock-pot kale salad This one is particularly tasty.

A salad is just one dish when it comes to kale, but this recipe makes it so much more.

With the crunch of the leaves and crisp, crunchy texture of the spinach, this dish is an absolute delight.

It also makes an excellent vegan kale salad dressing, so don’t be shy about using this recipe to make vegan kale.


Vegan carrot and tomato soup This is another one of those easy dishes that are perfect for the crocks.

You can prepare it in your crock or just put it in a bowl of your favourite vegetable broth.

The flavour of this soup is so satisfying and light and delicious, it’s one of the favourites with veg-eaters.

Try this with a vegan carrot soup or a vegetable version of the recipe.


Vegan cauliflower soup With the rich flavours of cauliflower and spinach, it has a very versatile, hearty and tasty taste that can be made into soup or stew.

The sauce and the potatoes are cooked separately, and you can add any of the other vegetables that you prefer.

Try making it with your favourite vegetables or add a sprinkle of sea salt to taste.


Vegan kale salad with cashew cream and roasted cauliflower This is also a classic recipe for the best vegetable greens.

A good, wholesome dish that can easily be made ahead of time, and is a great option for vegetarians, who can add some extra fat and protein to their diet.

Try the recipe with chickpeas, a variety of greens or roasted cauliflowers.


Vegan potato salad with kale, red pepper, avocado and tomato The salad is a favourite among vegans and vegetarians who like a hearty and creamy dish that tastes good even on its own.

Try adding some of the flavours from your favourite ingredients to the recipe and you’ll be left with a delicious meal.


Vegan soup with chick pea, kale, radishes, onions and cashew butter A delicious vegetarian soup that you can make ahead of the holidays or for a busy weeknight, this is a good way to enjoy a salad and make sure that you’ve got enough nutrients.

Try mixing the ingredients together and serve it as a soup.


Vegan vegetable soup with kale and roasted potatoes The kale, chickpea and radishes are cooked in a slow cooker and the kale is then tossed with some roasted potatoes, onions, cashew and a little salt.

Serve with your choice of vegetables or just add a pinch of salt.


Vegan bean sprouts soup This simple soup is a wonderful, hearty, healthy way to make an easy, delicious meal in the morning.

This soup can be served with beans, lentils, quinoa or rice.

Try a few flavours from the list and you have a hearty vegetarian meal.


Vegan pesto with spinach and kale This is one of my favourite pesto recipes for vegetics and vegans.

The pesto is creamy and has a distinctive flavour, making it a great alternative to traditional pesto.

Try using this pesto in soups or dips.


Vegan beef patty soup This one’s a good one for vegans as it’s quite filling.

It contains a lot of vegetables, but is packed with protein and fat.

Try eating it with beans or lentils or with a bit of sour cream for a satisfying meal.


Vegan salad with chick peas, kale and carrots This one has all the flavour of a salad without the fuss.

The chick peas are cooked and then stuffed into bowls of your choice and served alongside the spinach and carrots, making this one an ideal veggie salad.


Vegan beetroot soup With a creamy, light and tender texture, this recipe is perfect for a quick lunch.

Try cooking it in the slow cooker, or even in a pot on the stovetop, for an easy meal in just 30 minutes.


Vegan lentil soup


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