The Green and Gold: A look at the hottest new apartment buildings in Seattle and beyond

The Green and Gold: A look at the hottest new apartment buildings in Seattle and beyond

An apartment building with a glass ceiling and a $3,000 price tag is one of the hottest things to hit Seattle this year.

It is the new Green and Goldberg apartments, a brand-new mixed-use building that opened last week in Seattle’s Westlake neighborhood.

Green andGoldberg is a mixed-used development, meaning it is designed to be an attractive mix of rental apartments, commercial spaces and retail.

There are two levels of units, each with a different mix of space.

The first level is designed for apartments, while the second level is more for condos.

The new Green &Goldberg apartment building is set to become Seattle’s first mixed-income apartment complex with a price tag of $3.4 million, according to the building’s website.

The Green & Goldberg apartments are being designed by Architects & Engineers Associates, which has designed other major apartment buildings, including the former CenturyLink Center, which was demolished in 2020.

The developer is known for building residential projects with a modern and modernist look.

It has also been working on new mixed-users and mixed-ownership projects, which could be coming soon.

Here’s a look at what we learned from the new building.

The location at the corner of First and Fifth streets In Westlake, the Green & Goldberg apartment complex is at the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street.

The building is at 1,500 square feet, which is smaller than a typical apartment, according a building inspection report.

It was built in 2017.

The ground floor is set aside for retail, while units 1 through 3 are a mix of commercial and retail space.

It will be the second of four buildings Green & Goldman, which began construction in the city in 2013, to open in the Westlake area.

It includes the first Green & Grosvenor apartment building, which opened in 2020, and a second Green & Grundy apartment building.

Both buildings were built to accommodate both office workers and artists.

A sign says that the building will serve “people with special needs,” according to a building permit.

A view from the street Green &Grosvenorey, Green &goldberg apartments. 

This apartment building was built by Architects and Engineers Associates and is the second to open this year in Westlake.

It sits on First Avenue, which runs parallel to Fifth Street, and has three levels, with a total of nine units.

It also has a restaurant on the ground floor, according an inspection report, and an elevator on the second floor.

The two-story building is one- and two-bedroom units, and the four-floor building is for condos, according the building inspector’s report.

The property has no elevator and no parking.

A large window overlooking the ground Floor of the building.

Green & goldberg apartment, one-bedroom, one unit.

Green, Goldberg, and Grundies. 

The first floor has a retail storefront and a dining room, which are separate units.

There is a large glass ceiling.

A restaurant is set up for retail.

A walk-in closet is on the first floor.

Green Goldberg apartment, two-floor, one and two bedroom.

Green Gold & Gold, Green Goldberg, Green Gold Goldberg apartment. 

There are five apartments in the Green and goldberg development, which also has one-bedrooms and two units.

The apartment buildings have a total floor area of 2,600 square feet. 

A view from an elevator Green &grosvenory apartment.

A building inspector inspected Green & Goldstein apartments, one floor, and found no elevators, according records.

The next floor, a single-story residential building, is also in the area, and that building is currently under construction.

GreenGoldberg, GreenGrosvory, Green,Goldberg. 

Green & Gold. 

As for the Green Goldberg apartments… they are priced at $3 million.

The previous Green & grosvenorie apartments were built for $3M, and they are the priciest units at $4.5 million.

The Green & gras apartments are set up to be “living in the heart of Seattle.”

There are 12,600 sq. ft. of retail space and 7,200 sq. feet of residential space.

There’s also an outdoor patio.

The space has an attached fitness center, fitness center with heated showers, a fitness studio, and two kitchens.

There will also be a gym.

The Westlake apartment building has a lot of retail.

It’s also a large building with about 11,000 sq.ft. of commercial space. 

I’m glad the developers are doing this, said Jessica Kroski, a resident of Westlake for 16 years.

She’s a resident at the West Lake Apartments.

I like the concept, but I’m worried that it won’t be the same for everyone.

It makes me think of how people are going to feel in the future if it continues to go the


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