How to buy solar power for the first time in India

How to buy solar power for the first time in India

Green energy is a huge market in India, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of the country’s electricity demand.

But there are few options for buying energy from solar.

In the absence of a central grid, local distributors are largely responsible for the supply of energy in rural areas.

That’s where the Power Green, a green energy startup, comes in.

Power Green is a solar panel company that sells its panels in a range of states.

Its products can be used for power generation, but it also sells its batteries, inverters and modules to the electricity producers.

The company has already installed solar power systems in several places in the country.

But its biggest customers are the state-owned power companies that have been trying to make the switch from coal to solar.

To do so, they have been looking for ways to diversify their power supply.

The Green Energy Development Agency of India (GEDAI) has also been trying, but so far, has not been able to get the green light.

GEDAI’s strategy is to have 100 per cent solar power in the whole country by 2020.

The problem is that there are many hurdles to get it done, and it’s difficult to get investors interested in solar energy, said Jitendra Kaur, a co-founder of the company.

There are so many barriers in place that, to date, there are only 2,000 solar PV systems installed in India.

“There are many barriers to get this done, including the regulatory issues,” he said.

In a recent interview with Business Line, Kaur said that the company was also trying to build out a network of its solar energy projects.

The company has launched two solar projects in Kerala, in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, in the last five months.

“The two projects, which were supposed to have been completed in January, are still delayed,” he told Business Line.

The two solar project in Karnataka have been approved, but the project in Tamil, where the first solar power project was planned, has yet to be completed.

“This has been a very long road for the company, from getting the first project approved to having the project completed.

So we are not sure how the other projects will turn out,” he added.

Kaur said he would like to get more people to invest in solar, as the cost of the solar power is lower than that of electricity from coal plants.

The average price of solar energy is around Rs 30 per unit.

“It’s a huge challenge to invest for a green technology, so it’s very important that we do something to help the entrepreneurs invest in green energy,” said Kaur.

The success of the two solar power projects in Tamil and Karn, however, has been mixed.

“We had a good experience in those two projects and now the project we are working on in Karn has gone well,” he continued.

The solar energy technology is very innovative, but to do it right, the company will have to invest more time in researching and implementing its business model, he added, adding that the project is currently in a pilot stage.

According to Kaur and the Power Greens founders, the problem with the solar energy market is that it is dominated by one industry: coal.

“A lot of people are looking for solar because they want to generate their own electricity,” he pointed out.

“But solar panels are not designed for power production.”

The startup is also working on a solar farm in Gujarat.

“With the success of our solar farms, we want to invest and get the market in the solar sector,” he also added.

“Solar is an important industry to us.”

To get a clear idea of the business model behind the PowerGreen solar energy company, Business Line contacted the company for an interview.

We spoke to a spokesperson from the company to learn more about how the company is scaling up.

For starters, it has to get a lot of funding.

The team, which includes co-founders and a CEO, has raised over Rs 25 lakh, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“Our initial seed round was $20 lakh, and the team is raising funds from various sources,” the spokesperson said.

“Since the company has so many projects, it is a long-term plan to get funding.”

The company’s co-CEO, Vimala Gupta, is also a founder of the startup.

She also runs the startup’s product, Power Green Home.

She said that they are currently working on about a dozen projects.

“At the moment, we have about 30 projects in the pipeline,” she said.

The first of these is the solar farm, which will cost the company $1.5 crore to build.

“That is the first round of our seed round,” Gupta said.

She added that they will also have to raise money from various investors to build another solar farm.

She said that there is a roadmap of 10-12 projects in


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