The best greens for vegans

The best greens for vegans

We’re not alone: The health of our planet is being seriously threatened by the rise of a crop that, while still an important part of our diet, is often underrepresented in the vegan community.

I’m not the first to call out the dairy industry, but when you think about it, we’re actually the only major consumer group that has no idea how to use the ingredients in a vegan diet.

We’re not talking about the products that we put in our mouths.

We’re talking about things like salad dressing, butter, and cheese, as well as dairy-free milk.

This is a problem.

A lot of the things we love to eat are now being eaten without our knowledge or consent.

The dairy industry is making billions off of a dairy product that, at this point, we barely know exists.

While it is true that there are some dairy products that are naturally vegan, most of the dairy products we consume are made with animal products.

Most of us know this, but for some reason, the dairy-based products are often not recognized as vegan.

“We need to recognize that dairy is an important source of protein, calcium, and vitamins, and dairy products have the potential to play an important role in the diet and health of the American population,” says Dr. Linda Parnas, who heads the Dairy Institute of America.

So why do we not recognize it as a source of nutrition?

“It’s a food we don’t have a whole lot of experience with, so we’re really trying to do what we can with it and make it accessible,” Parnes says.

In order to make sure we’re taking advantage of our natural nutritional abilities, we need to make informed choices.

As vegan and vegetarian health experts, we have been working with people for decades to improve their diets.

And with that experience, we know that when we start making decisions based on animal products, we end up making bad decisions.

That is why I’ve been advocating for the vegan lifestyle, which includes a diet of natural plant foods.

At the end of the day, we are all omnivores, and we have to be conscious of the choices we make, and how we choose to consume our food.

For more information about the Dairy Initiative, visit the National Dairy Council website.


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